<-- This is Lisa.

What I am: leadership coach, writer, creative director

What I love: getting to the heart of it. also, these shoes.

What I do with people: design courageous next steps

What I do with companies: tell powerful true stories

Things I've worked on: self-driving cars, software, journals

Places I've studied: Harvard, Coaches Training Institute

Past cities: Boston, Atlanta, Berlin

Present home: San Francisco

Cute dog: Maisie


This is coaching.

Coaching helps people find their path, purpose, passions, voice—yes, even things that don't start with "P." It's a partnership designed to uncover truth and creativity inside of you.


This is when I'll be in Berlin.

If you'd like to get a taste of coaching, snag a sample session below. Sample sessions are free, but I encourage donations to Rails Girls Berlin to celebrate the day.

P.S. Can't make it to the Berlin sessions? Come by in San Francisco, or dive right into a Snack Pack from anywhere.