No. 14 — Finish Strong?

This episode introduces our producers, Luisa Beck and Natalie Jones. It was recorded from inside a cozy professional studio, though still with an iPhone and dinnerware. We can almost taste what it feels like to go pro.

Listen in to hear about who we dream of interviewing and what we’ve got in mind for season two.

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No. 13 — Keep Going?

In this bonus episode, we discuss the progress of our Kickstarter campaign, the perennial dilemma of whether and when to speak up, and the major pros and minor risks of rose gold devices.

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No. 12 — Actually Try?

In our final episode of season 1, we make an enormous decision about our Kickstarter campaign, which launches today.

Should you check out the campaign before you listen? Only if you want to spoil the episode entirely and find out in advance how the conversation ends.

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Erik setting up our advanced video rig.

Erik setting up our advanced video rig.

Show notes:

  • Our Kickstarter campaign
  • Tools we used to make this podcast: Kickstarter, Slack, Quip, SoundCloud, Voice Memos app, TinyLetter, Dropbox

No. 11 — What Should We Buy Online?

This episode takes a comprehensive approach to the topic of online shopping. In it, we determine, with conviction, what we should buy online, what we shouldn’t buy online, and whether we should actually buy anything at all.

Take a listen and find out where we land on each of these important issues.

Show notes:

No. 10 — Take Vacations?

Recorded in San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, and Florida, this episode meanders. In it, we unpack words like vacation, perfection, optimization, routine, and ritual.

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Show notes:

No. 08 — Subscribe to Things?

This week we examine subscriptions, in all their recurring glory. You won’t believe which subscription we highlight first (unless you’ve already peeked at the show notes below).

Listen closely for our seamless transition from subscriptions to whether we should exercise. And if you only subscribe to one thing, it should probably be this podcast, on iTunes.

Show notes

No. 07 — How Old Should We Be?

Recorded between our birthdays, this episode goes deep. In it, we ponder how old we should be by comparing how old we are on the inside and the outside. Inevitably, this leads us to a discussion of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” regarding confidence and containers.

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Show notes:

No. 06 — Get Notifications?

In our best episode yet, we probe the burning questions of modern life: should we get notifications, should we binge watch TV, and should we fear mercury poisoning. You may or may not be surprised by our answers.

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Show notes:

No. 05 — What Should We Write About?

In a series of voice notes, we return to the question that initiated this podcast: What should we write about? As we take turns offering up memories and ideas, one question leads to others: When should we write? Should we follow our hearts? And should we write sitting up or lying down?

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Show notes:

P.S. Should we wish Diana a happy birthday today? Indeed we should.

No. 04 — Wear Night Guards?

This episode addresses another handful of life’s pressing questions: Should we wear night guards? Should we keep up with the news? And what should we do when we find the perfect thing?

Listen on to find out how Lisa ended up with newsprint, and how Diana manages to read (almost) every tweet.

Show notes

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No. 03 — Read Fiction?

Should We is a podcast wherein Lisa Sanchez and I discuss whether we should or shouldn’t do certain things. With Lisa finally back from Helsinki, we had a lot to cover. In episode 3, we consider:

  • Should we upgrade our recording equipment?
  • Should we do caffeine?
  • Should we wear the same thing every day?
  • Should we read fiction?

Show notes:

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No. 02 — Move to the Nordic Region?

This episode is composed of audio postcards, sent from Helsinki to San Francisco and back. In it, we uncover surprising parallels between travel and dating and take two different perspectives on walking at a clip in heels.

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Show notes:

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Thanks to Luisa Beck for the voice notes idea.

No. 01 — End Well?

It might sound odd to begin with the topic of endings, but Diana and I do love to turn things upside down.

In this episode, we ponder what it means to end well, why it matters, and why it’s so hard to do. We also reconsider the name of this very podcast, and let you in on our decision-making conversation.

As you’ll find in this episode, we won’t promise when the next installment will come, or whether there will be another. But if you’re leaning one way or the other, go ahead and say so.

Show notes:

Related reading on endings

Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal (the last chapter)
“Amid Tension, Met and James Levine Mull Last Bow” (NYT)
Christina Xu, “Your Project Deserves a Good Death”

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No. 00 — What Should We Talk About?

Diana and I spend a lot of our long-distance chats talking about the podcasts we love. We also talk a lot about the things we want to write about and the things we think we should write about.

A podcast for writers who’d rather talk

It was only a matter of time before we made a podcast of our own about all of these things. It’s a podcast for writers like us, who’d rather talk, and our unedited preview episode is ready for a listen.

Episode 0, “What Should We Talk About,” is a little about the story behind this podcast and a lot about us. It’s about how we became friends ten years ago, where we’ve been since then, and what we should write about now.

If you listen and like it, you can sign up to get an email when we make another episode in 2016. And of course, if there’s something you think we should write (or talk) about, we hope you’ll say so.

Show notes:

  • Copic markers
  • Tools we’re using to make this podcast: Slack, Pinterest, Evernote, SoundCloud, TinyLetter, Opinion